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Guarantees, refunds and exchanges.


We are proud to be able to offer you (the original purchaser) a 2 year* limited warranty on our paddle boards, from the date of purchase for all major manufacturing defects.

If when opening your box or when using your board correctly you discover

  • Printing defects.
  • Major detachment of the Eva carpet.
  • A delamination.
  • A break in the hull of the board.
  • A break on the ailerons.
  • A lack of accessories.
  • A faulty valve (after tightening it with the tool provided for this purpose.)

An inflatable paddle board is durable, but requires good care. Please note that LAU SUP will not replace equipment that is damaged as a result of misuse:

  • Board that delaminates, explodes, takes off following exposure to the sun.
  • Breakage due to storage in excessive heat, extreme cold or humidity.
  • Presence of signs of wear due to poor maintenance.
  • Suffered damage during transport (loading, unloading, handling) on ​​or off the water.
  • Suffered damage from air or water transport
  • Following improper use (board rental, use for lessons, etc.)
  • Suffered damage from contact with rocks or other rigid objects.
  • Has been incorrectly repaired or modified
  • Was used in waves or paddle board racing.
  • Suffered damage caused by natural disasters or accidents (fire, flood, etc.)

Our team reserves the right to determine whether damaged equipment is covered under warranty or not and we will handle each request on a case-by-case basis.

We will offer repair ($) or new parts ($) at your expense if the warranty does not cover you.

*The 2-year warranty applies to models purchased in 2024. A 1-year warranty applies to earlier models.


Refunds and exchanges are possible for any item not unpacked within 30 days, postage costs are at your expense

If you wish to make a return or exchange, please contact us via email:


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