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About us


We are Edith and JF the creators of LAU SUP !

We are a couple for whom the projects follow each other, but are never alike! We love to take up challenges, we are a great team! Edith the creative head and JF the management and finance brain! Fan of travel, heat and water, we discovered paddleboarding on the Hawaiian coast in 2019. The LAU SUP project only happened to us in the summer of 2021, when it was time to buy a paddle board. Small choices were offered to us according to our criteria; color, original patterns, quality materials, durability, lightness and transportability.

Seeing the lack of choice for our tastes on the Quebec market, we began to research, create, test, and just like that, LAU SUP was born!

Why LAU?
Lau means leaf in Hawaiian.
The paddle board was invented in Hawaii in the 1950s.
The shape of the board resembles a leaf floating on water.
The leaf was a great source of inspiration in the creation of our designs, it is even part of our logo!
And of course, LAU like "l'eau " in french mean water!

We are very proud to be able to offer you 8 original designs this year. Their vibrant styles and colors won't go unnoticed as you take to the water. They are reliable, resistant, light and will follow you in all your adventures!

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